Yangjiang Hollco Metal Manufacturing Ltd.

Yang Jiang Jie Da Wallet and Metalware Products Co.,Ltd. is located in the west part of Guangdong province,? China.? It established in 1987.?? Our products are ideal for business gifts, for the promotional and retailing markets.? Currently, we are supplying a lot of? goods? to? European and? American companies and we are? also? pay? more? attention to? getting opportunities in the native markt.????

Since 1987,??? we have built a reputation in fine workmanship and good? quality products, specializing in manufacture of wallets,? cosmetic bags, key purses,? coin purses,?? travel? bags,? neck wallets,? waist bags, manicure sets,? CD holders,? shopping bags and backpacks.?

Material ranged from 70D to 420D, PVC and PU leather. With? over? 8000? square? meters,?? with? more? than 1000 workers,? with 140 technicians and management team,??? we are dedicated to excellent service with prompt? delivery,?? wide variety of? products and quality assurance at competitive prices. And we also have a completed designing system, every month we will send the new items to our customers all over the world.

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